Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services / Bug sweeping services are designed to provide government level counter-eavesdropping protection to both our Government & Corporate Clients.

All TSCM services / bug sweeping services are fully ISO accredited & deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions which security & investigation teams can call on when required. Scienexus' technical partner has the scale & expertise to cope with the most complex global Client requirements & has unequalled international experience. Scienexus TSCM services / bug sweeping has been proven to reduce our Clients exposure to eavesdropping and information theft.

Scienexus Solutions

Scienexus technical partner has expertise in handling many types of TSCM investigations across multiple industries and geographies.  This expertise allows us to help you understand what the threat is, identify high value targets, investigate and implement mitigating measures.

Scienexus services cover:

·      Eavesdropping threat briefings

·      Eavesdropping risk assessments

·      TSCM strategic advice

·      TSCM Inspections e.g. offices, data centres, conference rooms, cars, superyachts

·      TSCM live monitoring of meetings & events

·      Permanent live monitoring systems

·      Tempest


·      Threats identified

·      High value targets hardened

·      Confidential information protected from eavesdropping

·      Individual privacy increased through technical inspection

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