Investigation Intelligence

When conducting an investigation sometimes it can be difficult to find new leads or make sense of many fragmented pieces of information.  Your investigation team may not see all the connections or information available in the time they have before the trail goes cold.  Your time and resources should be spent on the most promising avenues of investigation.

Running an investigation or legal case without intelligence support may mean that the right individuals or companies are not targeted and this ultimately wastes time and money.  Legal cases built on incomplete information may fail or become mired in a situation where the other party knows more.

Intelligence focuses the investigation and ensures resources are used effectively.  Intelligence identifies those areas where an investigation will provide real breakthroughs and yield the result required.

Scienexus Solution

Scienexus Intelligence helps to make sense of information overload and identify new avenues for an investigation to proceed.  The Scienexus team will work with you directly or with your investigators to identify the critical information required, create a collection plan that ensures nothing is missed and provide intelligence that delivers results.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

·      Information Collection Management

·      Critical Investigation Requirement Analysis

·      Intelligence Gap Analysis

·      Expert Intelligence Analysis

·      Identifying Avenues of Investigation

·      Fraud & Financial Activity Maps

·      Legal Case Client Profiling

·      Relationship & Stakeholder Mapping

·      Internet Activity Reporting

·      Pictorial Investigation Representations


·      No Hidden Surprises

·      Investigator resources focused on key avenues of inquiry

·      Analytical insight provides faster case resolution

·      Assists Asset Recovery

·      Infographics that simplify complex case information

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