Due Diligence

As part of any transaction it is important to know who you are dealing with.  This knowledge provides you the understanding to make the right decisions.

The type of due diligence you undertake is specific to the deal or transaction you are conducting.  It can range from understanding the source of wealth of a key investor or client, it could be seeing whether the collateral or operations recorded in documents is true in reality and whether the vendor you are transacting with is conducting business the way you expect.

Conducting good due diligence allows you to understand multiple complex factors that may influence your decision and improves the probability of a successful outcome.

Scienexus Solution

Scienexus expertise in Due Diligence means you see the reality of the deal or transaction and have assurance your decisions are based on a valid understanding. 

Having a comprehensive view of the Business Environment and Operational Risks means you can balance the risk exposure against the opportunity.  With the deal done or the transaction completed Scienexus can monitor the situation to ensure that a change in risk leaves you exposed.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

·      Pre-Deal Intelligence

·      Customer/Client Enhanced Due Diligence

·      Investor Profiling

·      Collateral Validation

·      Vendor Screening

·      Supply Chain Assurance

·      Compliance Assessments

·      Operational profiling

·      Technology Reviews


·      Decisions based on assured insight

·      Risk v Reward comprehensively understood

·      Interdependencies clarified

·      Risks Mitigated = Greater Success

·      Return on Investment Increased

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