Operational Risk Intelligence

Risk intelligence allows you to maximize the effect of your risk management activities.  If you are not fusing historical and current data from multiple sources and then analysing this information to achieve insightful forecasting your risk management activities are likely to be underperforming. 

Risk intelligence enhances risk identification, assessment and mitigation and allows you to proactively respond to both existing and emerging risks.

Scienexus Solution

Scienexus are experts in providing Risk Intelligence Services across a wide range of corporate and government sectors.  To manage operational risks and issues successfully you need detailed information to achieve maximum success.

Scienexus empowers your business to make informed decisions in an uncertain world by providing Actionable Intelligence and Intelligent Insights.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

·      Embedded intelligence analyst/team

·      Geographical, Industry Specific Fusion Centre

·      Risk analytics and insights

·      Root Cause investigations and mapping

·      Incident analysis and insight

·      Risk concentration & network maps

·      Threat & Vulnerability mapping & analysis

·      Information Collection Management


·      Emerging risks identified quickly = proactive response

·      Risks analysed and root causes monitored

·      Mitigation response deployed intelligently

·      Resources targeted at risk nodes rather than everywhere

·      Issues minimised by pre-emptive mitigation

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