Intelligence Products

Whatever Intelligence you require to achieve your objectives Scienexus will tailor its products to meet your needs.  All products regardless of format should:

·      Contain Information that answers your requirement

·      Clear and concise format and content

·      Reaches you in time to enable the right decision to be made


Scienexus products that clients have found valuable are:

·      Warning Intelligence – This is the wakeup call that ensures your management and operations are aware of immediate intelligence that is an immediate threat or has a potential impact.

·      Current Intelligence – Relates to day-to-day events and informs you of associated background, developments or specific information that can impact your operations.

·      Research Intelligence – This type of intelligence takes an in-depth look at specific issues, incidents or environments.  It supports the understanding of the environment and context in which current and estimative intelligence is produced.

·      Estimates – Intelligence of this nature looks at the risks associated with potential scenarios, longer term implications and enables strategy & response planning.

·      Incident Reports – Detailed summaries including appropriate diagrams of specific risk related incidents used for managerial reporting, training and awareness.

·      Root Cause Investigation Reports – Detailed summaries that identify the root causes of an incident, assess the existing mitigation and suggest operational risk management improvements.

·      Investigation Summaries – Distilling all information obtained during an investigation into a comprehensive but concise Executive Report suitable for Senior Leadership or corporate awareness.

·      Due Diligence Reports – A detailed report on a specific individual, company or organisation of their recent & historical activity, relationships, finances, strengths & weaknesses and risks to you.  The profile enables clear focus for associated decisions and actions e.g.  Investigations, market entry.

·      Problem Analysis Reports – An analytical look at a range of risks and incidents to identify related events, trends, hot spots and differences.  These reports improve strategic planning and the allocation of operational resources for maximum impact.

·      Network Analysis Reports – Very rarely do criminals or cases exists in isolation from other entities.  A network analysis reports shows the key individuals, companies, organisations and their relationships.  This reporting enables lines of investigation, opportunities for disruption and intelligence gaps.

·      Market Profiles – Provide an assessment of a particular market or business associated with an operational risk or issue.  The report details key people, networks, assets and associated trends.  These profiles give the initial snapshot of risk areas and may lead to more detailed analysis and subsequent mitigation or improvement activities.

·      Demographic/Social Trend Reporting – Specific risks may be associated with key demographics or social aspects in a business or geographical area.  Understanding the influence of these factors on a risk occurring will enable an appropriate risk reduction strategy and operations.


Whatever your requirement and need Scienexus will work together in identifying the most appropriate report to inform and help achieve a successful outcome.

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