Intelligence Process & Tools

Scienexus has a deep understanding of intelligence processes, tools and products.  We are continually fusing trusted techniques and technologies with the latest practices to improve the insights we provide.  Below you can gain some insight into how we work and what we can provide.

Intelligence Process

Scienexus aims to deliver maximum capability to you by fusing tried and tested processes and tools with an innovative and adaptable approach.  Scienexus follows an intelligence cycle as a proven approach in support of your decision making.


What must be known to enable the decision or operation.

Critical to any provision of intelligence is to understand what exactly is required by the client.   Without a thorough understanding it is impossible for the specific need to be satisfied and resources are wasted.  Intelligence must be actionable and it should enable management to make decisions.

At the start of any new client partnership Scienexus will gather as much information as possible about who you are, what you do and how you do it.  The next step is to understand exactly what intelligence will enable you to achieve your objectives and success.  Scienexus aims to understand your business as though we were an internal team.  Your detailed and specific requirements drive the Planning and Direction phase

Planning & Direction

Management of the Intelligence Cycle

Scienexus takes your requirements and creates a clear plan that provides focused direction.  This plan enables the intelligence team to systematically provide you with intelligence that matches your requirements.

Scienexus will utilise management planning processes that match your needs.  Scienexus believes each client and requirement is unique and our solution should not be constrained by a particular planning approach.  Scienexus planning can range from a clear structured approach for stable environments to dynamic whole team scenario plans or war gaming.


Gathering the raw data & information from sources & agencies

Sources of information in the digital age are vast and can quickly overwhelm the client.  Every source has strengths and weaknesses that limit or maximise its capability to meet your information requirements.  Identifying the right source for your requirements maximises your resources and Scienexus capability.

Scienexus will produce a clear collection management plan that systematically and dynamically gathers the right information.  The plan will detail sources, what is required, the desired format and critically when it is needed to enable your decisions.

Process & Exploitation

Converting raw data/information into a usable form

Data and Information are available in a huge number of different formats and styles.  Raw data and information may be ignored or missed due to a lack of expertise or knowledge to turn it into a usable form.  It is essential to synthesise all raw data and information into a form that completes the intelligence picture and forms the basis for successful operations.

Scienexus has expertise in synthesising all forms of data and information into a usable form.  This processing can involve data capture and transformation, translation and finally storage in a retrievable form.

Analysis & Production

Converting data/information into your actionable intelligence.

Basic data and information do not enable successful business operations.  Information must go through a process of integration, evaluation and analysis to become of value.  This process can be time consuming and requires dedicated expertise to maximise available resources.  Information processed and analysed should result in intelligence that is timely and actionable. 

Scienexus will match your requirement to the appropriate person or team, analysis and products.


Distribution of actionable intelligence to you.

Each organization and business has a specific requirement and decision making process.  Intelligence that does not fit your requirement, processes and people limits its value and timeliness.  Intelligence products should be in style that matches the needs of your business, decision makers and stakeholders for maximum value.

Scienexus works in partnership with you to ensure that style and format do not create a barrier to value and timeliness.  We focus on your individual needs and ensure that every intelligence product reaches you in time to enable successful outcomes, in a clear concise style that maximizes value and answers the requirement.

Intelligence Tools

Sources of data & information within your company if properly identified are vast.  Combine your information with that available from Open Source on the internet and you have an incredible resource.  Providing actionable intelligence is a challenge when analysing large amounts of information from multiple sources and in multiple formats.  Scienexus utilises technology at all stages of the intelligence cycle to ensure client’s requirements are met and operational success is achieved.

Scienexus utilises commercial products to maximise its intelligence capability to:

Manage – Process tools make collaboration between Scienexus Intelligence and you seamless improving coordination, resource use and alignment to achieve operational success.

Structure & Store – Customised databases match your requirements and organisation’s information and sources.

Access & Search – Discretionary access provides you assurance of confidentiality.  Intelligence analysis is based on smart searching across all information.

Visualize & Analyze – The analyst and client can see large volumes of information in a simple network diagrams, timeline or professional briefing charts.

Such tools enable the intelligence analyst to derive maximum value from the data and information available.  By utilising the latest tools available Scienexus brings considerable value to your activities and enables likely success.

Analytical Tools

There are numerous common techniques that can assist in competitive and strategic analysis.  By utilising a cross section of these tools an analyst can create a robust model of current and likely behaviour and action.  Each technique can be used in different situations and has its own pros and cons.  Sample techniques are:

·      Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST) analysis

·      Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) Analysis

·      Boston Box

·      Blind Spot Analysis

·      Porter Analysis

Next Steps

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