Data Analytics

Taking a data-driven approach is a must in today's complex and dynamic environment - business decisions based on data outperform or enhance decisions based on human intuition, which is subject to multiple biases. 

Data analytics in the risk management domain is not a new phenomenon. The recent rise in computing power, digitalisation and analytical tools available have opened unprecedented opportunities in risk identification, assessment, control optimisation and issues management.  Big data analytics is becoming the key to accurately identifying and mitigating risk.

Scienexus Solution

Scienexus are experts in providing Data Analytics Services across a wide range of corporate and government sectors.  To manage operational risks and issues successfully you need data driven insights to achieve maximum success.

Scienexus empowers your business to make the best decisions using data that results in Actionable Intelligence and Intelligent Insights.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Risk Scorecards/Heatmaps
  • Automated Risk Testing
  • Risk Quantification
  • Reporting
  • Machine Learning Techniques/Predictive Modelling
  • Segmentation/Clustering
  • Quantitative KPIs
  • Optimization/Simulations
  • Text Mining/Sentiment Analysis/Social Media Analytics



·      Emerging risks identified quickly = proactive response

·      Risks and systemic root causes identified

·      Mitigation response deployed intelligently

·      Resources targeted at risk nodes rather than everywhere

·      Issues minimised by pre-emptive mitigation

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