Competitive Intelligence

The business environment is dynamic and to stay competitive requires you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.  Understanding the external competitive environment is a key factor in making sure that you are the market leader.  Market leading companies do not stand still and must work harder than all other competitors to stay ahead. 

As business grows you stretch your reach, enter new environments and move into new territory.  Before entering any new market your detailed research should identify the risks to success.  Competitive intelligence provides analytical insights over the short and long term giving you the edge in maximising your investment’s return.

Scienexus Solution

Scienexus understands your need as a business to stay ahead of the competition.  By knowing what your competitors are doing enables you to respond rapidly to defend or increase your market share.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

·      High Risk Market Research

·      Competitor Research Reports

·      Industry Sector Monitoring

·      CI Process Improvement

·      Competitor Information Workshops

·      Product Launch Monitoring & Reviews

·      Company Information Source Mapping

·      Competitor Benchmarking


·      Return on Investment Increased

·      Risks Mitigated = Greater Success

·      Competitive Edge through intelligent insight

·      Increased market share by pre-emptive action

·      High Risk Environment Experts

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