Learning Development

Human capital is essential in meeting the challenges of the dynamic environment.  Great management of your people is what will ensure that your organisation becomes the work place of choice for the best talent.

It is essential that your learning programme builds the capabilities needed for you to achieve business success.  This starts with understanding what is required to perform well or exceed expectations and from this organisational learning programmes can be developed.

Scienexus Solutions

Scienexus adopts proven practices in developing capability and learning frameworks that maximise your talent.  Our learning designs also ensure they achieve individual development needs and your business develops a strong and capable talent pipeline.

Scienexus solutions includes:

·      Job Analysis

·      Training Needs Analysis

·      Role capability profiles

·      Curriculum Design

·      Team/Individual Capability Assessments

·      Team/Individual Development Plans

·      Test & Assessment design

·      External validation of Training


·      Capabilities defined to ensure role success

·      Learning frameworks that address organisational and individual needs

·      Learning gaps identified and tailored development in place

·      Curriculum that provides on the job, coaching/mentoring and formal training

·      Assurance of existing learning curriculum

Next Steps

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