Technology Strategy, Selection & Deployment

New technology is developed constantly and the pace of change can be daunting.  The ability of many companies to keep track of the right system for the job is difficult.  Organisations need practical and innovative solutions that match their needs and enable them to deliver agile value adding capability.

Scienexus Solutions

Scienexus understands that technology should enable the desired outcomes.  We are not driven by what is the latest technology off the shelf but our passion is identifying the right solution for you.

Scienexus can help you identify appropriate technology that enhances strategic and operational execution, maximises user experience, works in harmony with your operating model and supports effective processes.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Business requirements identification & analysis

 ·      Create operational use cases

 ·      Run Proof of Concept workshops

 ·      Develop business investment proposals

 ·      Conduct system functionality reviews

 ·      Technology Programme implementation e.g. Business requirements, Design, Build, Test, Deploy, Train and Review


 ·      Technology that achieves the outcome in the most effective way possible

 ·      Requirements that are clear and match the fundamental use cases

 ·      Creation of a great user experience that maximises adoption and execution

 ·      Technology that supports insight and adds value

 ·      Users who have the knowledge to maximise your technology investment

Next Steps

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