Strategy Planning & Development

Your strategy is critical to attaining your objectives over the long term.  A clear strategy that is understood by your team and executed effectively and efficiently can make the critical difference in achieving success

Scienexus Solutions

Scienexus specialises in working with you to develop the strategy that supports your critical objectives and assure its implementation drives long term success.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Conducting a Strategic Capability Assessment

 ·      Interview key internal & external stakeholders

 ·      Facilitate planning sessions

 ·      Develop Customer or Client Charters

 ·      Develop internal Value Proposition

 ·      Develop Business or Functional Operating Models

 ·      Design and manage transformation programmes or projects

 ·      Build & run communication campaigns

 ·      Conduct or act as an independent reviewer for existing strategies


 ·      Strategy aligned to business culture, values and operating model

 ·      Collective value created through a clear and understood strategy

 ·      Strategic enablers identified and operating in synergy

 ·      Success maximised by stakeholder understanding and buy in

 ·      Strategic alignment across all areas of the business

 ·      Strategy benchmarked against professional best practice and latest innovation

Next Steps

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