Risk Modelling & Simulation

Budget constraints and global uncertainty mean resources must be used in the best way possible.  Complex risk problems may require exploring a range of solutions.  New high risk market environments mean that management teams are uncertain of possible decisions and subsequent outcomes. With risks being complex and varied your risk management approach may not enable success and opportunities could be missed.

Before rolling out your risk management approach the development of models and simulations enables you to see if it supports effective risk management in multiple scenarios.  The use of such tools allows you to optimise your framework prior to implementation and avoid mistakes that impact value and success.

Scienexus Solution

 Scienexus has capabilities across multiple industries and operating environments.  We bring a variety of experiences to your business that helps you to work out the right risk operating model.

 Scienexus models and simulations optimises and improves the readiness, resilience and capability of your people, process and technology. 

 Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Operational Risk Capital Model – Undertake an information gathering exercise that enables clients to model operational risk impacts and estimate capital implications 

 ·      Stress testing – Develop an approach that puts your organisation under stress through validated scenarios that match your risk profile.

 ·      Operating Model – Analyse your operating model and proactively identify future requirements, gaps in delivery and innovative applications of current resources.

 ·      War Games – combine your model with war game simulations you have a test bed that allows the optimisation of your risk management activities.


 ·      Capital models that align to your risk profile and high risk nodes

 ·      Avoid costly implementation of risk mitigation by simulating normal and stressed operating scenarios

 ·      Assure your operating model works for your strategic, risk appetite and profile

 ·      Build organisational capabilities that can respond dynamically to existing or emerging risks

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