Market Entry

Dynamic businesses grow rapidly by seeking out new markets for their products or services.  These emerging markets may offer many opportunities but there will be significant unknowns related to the operating environment.

When entering a new market many of the risks will not fully identified or understood and these can range from local corruption, lack of a skilled workforce, criminal risks to a new factory or office site or the risk of mixed tribal or political influences.  Factors such as these can lead to a range of issues that can make a project fail before it has got beyond the business development phase. 

Scienexus enables you to identify and map those risks comprehensively so appropriate planning and mitigation can be put in place.  We ensure your market entry team are aware of the risks it faces and suggests appropriate management that enables strategic and operational success.

Scienexus Solution

Scienexus expertise in looking and understanding high risk environments means you see the whole picture.  Having a complete view of the Business Environment and Operational Risks means you can put in place comprehensive risk mitigation plans.  With your plans in place Scienexus monitors the situation to ensure that you are not left unaware and impacted by a critical issue.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Operational & Security Risk Mapping

 ·      Risk Monitoring & Reviews

 ·      Risk Trend Analysis

 ·      Facility Threat Mapping

 ·      Due Diligence Support

 ·      High Risk Market Research

 ·      Market Competitor Reviews

 ·      Partner Investigations

 ·      Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis


 ·      Operational Risks Identified

 ·      Risks Mitigated = Greater Success

 ·      Return on Investment Increased

 ·      Safer Employees & Investment

Next Steps

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