Intellectual Property & Brand Protection

The current business environment is dynamic and asymmetric; market leaders must operate and succeed in the most challenging of environments.  As the global economy grows the challenges increase and successful businesses must protect their intellectual property (IP) or brands to remain competitive.

As global trade increases the potential revenue from counterfeiting and piracy multiplies. In some countries laws are not yet in place to protect the rights of IP owners or Brands. These situations present opportunities for the criminal and other groups. Interpol, US Congress and other government bodies have linked both organised crime and terrorist groups to counterfeit and piracy as a source of finance.

Do you have a problem?

Ask yourself these questions:

 • Are your brands well known?

 • Do you have significant market share?

 • Have your sales dropped off unexpectedly in a particular area or region?

 • Are customer complaints and returns increasing without explanation?

 If you answer positively to these questions then you may have a problem or be targeted by counterfeiters or IP criminals.

How it impacts your business

Counterfeiting and piracy can have significant impact on your business. These impacts can be both visible and below the line. Depending on your product and business the following areas may be impacted:

 • Lost sales – As cheaper counterfeit products become available people switch to the new cheaper “comparable” brand.

 • Lost opportunity – Counterfeit versions of your products are readily available in a new market, as you introduce a new product the counterfeiter introduces their version. As your business manages new legal requirements, marketing issues and legal competition the counterfeiter does not need to worry and keeps selling.

 • Brand damage – You invest heavily in research and product design to ensure your products meet the consumers needs. Your brand values and quality have been built over time and are respected by consumers. The Pirate does not worry about Brand equity nor needs to spend millions on marketing, you do that for them and they will copy and undercut you.

Scienexus Solution

Counterfeiters and Pirates operate globally and it is essential that your response is managed from the same global perspective.  Any type of investigation or legal case generates large amounts of information, information that requires significant time to analyse, review and identify key elements.

Intelligence enables successful operations and ensures that gaps are identified, corporate understanding is retained and resources are targeted against identified priorities.  A Scienexus team brings a new focus to any IP or Brand Protection programme as it identifies knowledge gaps and highlights new avenues of investigation.

Scienexus advisory services ensures your IP and Brand Protection is managed holistically and internationally in the same way the criminals operate.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Counterfeit Supply Chain profiles

 ·      Illicit Market Profiling

 ·      Digital Forensics & Investigations

 ·      Illicit Problem Definition & Assessment

 ·      Mystery Shopper

 ·      Point of Sale/Wholesaler due diligence


 ·      Threats to your brands analysed for mitigation

 ·      Illicit supply chains mapped to support interdiction

 ·      Your supply chain developed to provide illicit market intelligence

 ·      Assurance of suppliers/wholesaler/point of sale

Next Steps

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