Incident & Crisis Management

Where ever you operate your company should have Business Recovery and Business Continuity plans in place that mitigate the risks to your business.  Whether in a Low or High risk environment a crisis has the potential to make a business fail or set it back for months or years.  While you are out of the market your competitors are taking your market share or solidifying their hold over your consumers.

Whatever the size of business your leadership team must be trained and prepared.  Regardless of how ready you are if you do not have the right information at the right time you cannot make truly effective decisions.  You would not go into a new market without research nor should you handle a crisis without up to date information.  To manage a crisis and recover quickly you need all relevant information in a form that allows rapid decisions and an understanding of the complete picture.

Scienexus Solution

A crisis does not need to be managed in the dark.  You do not have to rush to find the information because the organisation already knows what you need.  Your decisions are fully informed and reached quickly as you receive the critical information for what needs to be done.

Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Critical Information Identification

 ·      Incident Reporting Process Improvement

 ·      Crisis Information Monitoring & Management

 ·      Incident Time lining & Analysis

 ·      Post Incident Investigation

 ·      Crisis Communication Training

 ·      Incident & Crisis Modelling & Scenarios

 ·      Executive team wargames


 ·      Crisis Response is planned not purely reactive

 ·      Positive action taken quickly that makes a difference

 ·      Agile executive teams prepared for multiple scenarios

 ·      Information that enables quality decisions

 ·      Total crisis picture not fragmented understanding

 ·      Root causes identified post event to mitigate reoccurrence

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