Financial Crime Management

Financial crime is a significant problem across the world as criminals target the financial system for both laundering their money and as a growing target for theft.  Regulators around the world are tightening the requirements that all types of financial services must adhere to when facilitating personal banking, trade and transactions.

With this environment financial crime risk cannot be overlooked if your business is to retain its right to operate or avoid regulatory censure.  The complex breadth of regulation can be difficult to navigate and its essential that your anti money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption activities are fit for purpose.

Scienexus Solution

 Scienexus has capabilities that cover the full range of financial crime management such as know your customer, source of wealth, transaction monitoring, sanctions and payments screening, anti-bribery and corruption.

 Scienexus capabilities cover:

 ·      Compliance reviews with local & international regulations

 ·      Conducting Financial Crime Risk assessments and advise on appropriate mitigation

 ·      Financial Crime policy and procedure development

 ·      Key control testing & assurance

 ·      Development of Financial Intelligence Units (FIU)

 ·      AB&C, AML, Sanctions capability training


 ·      Policy & procedures that meet local & international expectations and support your risk appetite

 ·      Risks accurately assessed and appropriate mitigation implemented

 ·      Financial crime controls tested & remediated where necessary

 ·      Proactive intelligence analysis that identifies the criminal and limits their impact

 ·      Individual and team capabilities developed to ensure that process execution meets defined standards

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