Cyber Security & Technology Risk Management

Technology is pervasive in all aspects of business operation from manufacturer, critical state utilities, service centre processing to customer facing point of sale.  As many manual processes move onto technology infrastructure the risks have increased and potential impacts multiplied.

Your business may collect vast amounts of data or have customer confidential information that must be protected.  You are likely concerned about making sure that the information you process or store is protected to ensure its Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility.

As business has gone international or infrastructure has been networked potential access points into your information assets have multiplied.  Often cyber-attacks do not directly attack your known access points they look to identify weak spots from 3rd parties already trusted by your network.  It is essential that you identify, assess and mitigate the information and technology risks your business faces.

Scienexus Solution

You may already have policies in place and want assurance that they remain fit for purposes and your technology is protected.  It could be that you have suspicions that your confidential data is being leaked giving away your competitive advantage.  You want the confidence that your next Research & Development programme is secure and when your product or service is launched it is an innovation and not one amongst many clones.

Scienexus covers the full cycle of cyber security and technology risk management from identification through to cyber incident response.

Scienexus capabilities cover Identification, Protection, Detection, Response & Recovery:

 ·      Cyber Security policy & procedure development

 ·      Cyber Maturity Analysis

 ·      Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

 ·      Digital Forensics

 ·      Data Breach Prevention & Response team development

 ·      Network Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

 ·      Penetration Testing

 ·      Red Team exercises or Stress Testing

 ·      Wireless Security design & testing

 ·      Critical Digital Infrastructure Protection


 ·      Data breaches dealt with quickly to minimise damage to your information assets and reputation

 ·      Cyber risks understood and your infrastructure becomes more resilient

 ·      Confidentiality assured in confidential discussions and facilities

 ·      Digital assets protected from illegal interception or theft

 ·      Assurance your information and technology controls are protecting your business

 ·      Comfort that your network is only being accessed by the people you know and allow

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