Organisations must focus on core business to ensure success; over time this can mean that people, processes and infrastructure may not be performing as intended.  As performance degrades the organisations ability to deliver its strategy and objectives is impacted.

Scienexus Solutions

Scienexus can provide independent and objective audits that an organisations people, systems and infrastructure maximise strategic and operational success.  By developing a deep understanding of your business we can identify insights and hidden opportunities to improve performance and value adding activities.

Scienexus audits can cover:

·      Regulatory Compliance

·      Programme/Project Post Implementation

·      Security Development Lifecycle

·      Information Security

·      Technology Infrastructure security

·      Post Incident/Issue Accountability


·      Identification of risks not previously considered

·      Independent evaluation of internal control

·      Identification of risk management improvement activities

·      Industry benchmarking of risk mitigation and monitoring

·      Management board or external parties assurance of effective risk management

Next Steps

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