Our People & Values

Our People

 Scienexus people come from diverse backgrounds and expertise to deliver you innovative and effective solutions.  Our people are passionate about what they do and leverage their skills to exceed your requirement and objectives.

Your solution will require the right people with the right approach and knowledge; if needed we will seek out the right individual or team to ensure your success. Meet a selection of our people and learn about their backgrounds.

Our Values

Our values ensure that whatever the background of our people Scienexus has a unified approach to what we do and deliver.  They drive our organisational culture and define what you can expect when working with our team.

·    Lead by example – Scienexus sets high standards and has high expectations.   At all levels we expect leadership that delivers best in class solutions.

·   Integrity – Scienexus delivers sound independent services and advice. Our solutions are not driven by 3rd party desires but what is needed to achieve your objective and success.

·   Innovative - Scienexus believes a fear of failure and the unknown should not hamper problem solving ability.  By leveraging diverse individuals, knowledge and experience Scienexus delivers you the most effective solution and service.

·   DecisiveScienexus’ straightforward approach ensures that what we do addresses your core requirement, is easily understood and delivers maximum value.

·   AdaptableScienexus responds to the most dynamic of environments and opportunities. Change is constant and our solutions must be dynamic and adaptable to deliver you continual advantage whilst maximising existing capability.

Your Benefit

Scienexus solutions add value to your business and enable success in the operational risk and security environment.   Scienexus delivers the following benefits:

·   Higher Cost Efficiencies – You achieve lower overheads as capability is delivered at lower overall cost without compromising quality e.g. payroll, administration, training and development, etc.

·   Increased Operational Performance – Scienexus’ dedicated operational experience and knowledge gives you access to specialist skills and delivery.  Collocation of specialist skills means that focus and synergies are enhanced and deliver you higher returns on investment.

·   Increased Focus on Your Core Functions – Your business has core competencies that drive your competitive advantage and investor return.   Scienexus’ services enable your internal resources to be focused on activities that maximises your expertise whilst harnessing Scienexus’ ability to deliver objectives.

·   Overcome Talent Shortages – Specialist skills are frequently in high demand and not available in the place your business needs it.  The need to manage the talent pipeline in a non core area adds additional management and cost overhead.  Scienexus specialist capability and understanding of risk and security delivers what you need, where and when you need it without additional overhead.

·   Overcome Cyclic Demand – Depending on the business need and the dynamics of your operational environment you may require specialist capability but the base investment cost prevents this. Our services enable you to meet key short term demands e.g. specialist tasks or projects and deal with underlying employee fluctuations e.g. vacations, sickness and resignations.